Hip + Fit - Cardio Kickboxing Women's Bootcamp


Hip+Fit Women's Bootcamp is the perfect way to build lean muscle and increase your endurance without being stuck on a treadmill. A gym workout is no match for our classes:

  • Unique blend of fitness and technique
  • Motivating music
  • Real martial arts instructors
  • Muscle-building & fat-blasting workout

Hip + Fit was designed for the woman who wants to be confident and strong. This is the perfect place to get in shape while still having fun! Jumpstart your workout routine and empower your life today!


"I was born & raised in Brooklyn, and I love kickboxing. I'm a black belt in martial arts, training and teaching what I know for many years.

I'm ALSO a hip hop artist, writing and performing all over.

I wanted to take these two things I'm deeply passionate about and blend them to create a unique experience to help people get in shape and have fun doing it.

This isn't your typical cardio kickboxing class, nor is it strictly martial arts. I want to inspire you with my favorite hip hop jams, and teach you good technique so you can fire off some really powerful punches and kicks.

People don't often know how strong they really are.
I want to help show you your true potential!"

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Why is Kickboxing a Great Workout?

The most effective exercise is the one that you don't put off; it's the one that you look forward to.

That's why kickboxing is becoming so popular as a cardio workout. The class keeps your heart rate up the same as a treadmill, but the variety in the class is what keeps you going. This is what has our students returning week after week, gaining strength and speed while also improving their overall fitness level.

Kickboxing also teaches you important self defense techniques. Unlike a gym workout where only your fitness is being enhanced, our classes will actually teach you a new skill set, all while burning calories and having fun. Learning how to defend yourself brings a new sense of confidence and empowerment to your everyday life.

Class times & locations listed below

1 Class$25
10 Classes$175
Unlimited Month$120


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Upper Westside - 103 W. 73rd St
9:00AM 7:30PM 8:30PM 12:15PM
1:30PM 1:30PM
Tribeca - 78 Reade St
6:00PM 7:30PM 6:00PM 7:30PM - - -

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